Your brand differentiates and positions you, evokes emotions and establishes an emotional relationship with your customers. At So Marketing Agency we develop meaningful and purposeful brands, combining creativity, design, and technology. We accompany you from the conceptualization and personality, the positioning strategy and the communication plan that will make everyone see you.


We create a graphic concept that reflects the identity of your brand.

Conceptualization – Personality – Brand manual – Communication.

Going Beyond the Frame Reinventing the Experience

Gather information about the market, such as trends,
customer needs, and competitor strategies.

An abstract image featuring a gradient of colors from dark green at the top to red, orange, and pink in the middle, blending into darker shades towards the bottom.

Branding or brand management consists of positioning a brand, its philosophy and its values in the market, for a target audience. This process includes keeping and monitoring the reputation of a brand and all things related to its image from a logo to corporate colors. It even includes keeping cohesive the messages that it wants to convey aligned with the purpose of the brand.


To do this, a company must launch specific marketing actions with the aim of creating that brand image. The term comes precisely from the English ‘brand equity’, to maintain it and defend it if it is attacked by competition or by a crisis of reputation.


Branding is a concept closely linked to the emotional connection of a company’s product or set of products with its customers (potential and real).


The company must appeal to the user’s relationship with the brand in order to distinguish itself from the competition and achieve loyalty. Some authors add that branding is closely related to meeting customer expectations and satisfaction.


Branding is a concept more valued than ever now that the focus of marketing has become the customer instead of the product. However, it has been a fundamental piece in companies for decades, when large American companies discovered that it was much easier for them to place a product on the market if there was a certain brand behind it.


Currently, large companies usually turn to agencies specialized in branding to ensure their brand image.

We define your target audience: Identify who your ideal customer is based on factors like demographics, psychographics, and behavior.

Define your unique value proposition: Determine what makes your product or service unique and why customers should choose you over competitors.

Conduct market research: Gather information about the market, such as trends, customer needs, and competitor strategies.


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